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Nov 12, 2007 at 10:45pm IST

BJP-JD(S) alliance might be short-lived

Bangalore: The first saffron Chief Minister south of the Vindhyas, B S Yeddyurappa, took oath on Monday amidst much fanfare and the blessings of the BJP's national leaders.

But H D Deve Gowda, the head of the BJP's ally, Janata Dal (Secular), was conspicuously absent from the proceedings. Gowda's absence, coupled with his party's refusal to announce their Deputy CM and ministers till the vote of confidence, has given rise to speculations on the longevity of this alliance.

The BJP, however, claims that its will survive.

"There's no doubt, we will be in power for 19 months," stated the new Karnataka CM, B S Yeddyurappa. "All of it, no doubt," he insisted, while a prayer ritual was held in the CM's chamber.

The confidence vote in the Assembly is slated for November 23, but Yeddyurappa has lost no time in appealing to his allies.

"My priorities are to have a result-oriented government," he said. "All sections of society should be taken into confidence," adding that safety of minorities and of women is a priority.

The JD(S), meanwhile, has insisted that 12 conditions be met by the BJP, including bringing the government down when the Lok Sabha is dissolved.

BJP National President Rajnath Singh said, "The BJP does not like being betrayed, but it also does not like to betray," perhaps indicating a warning to JD(S), which has proved itself an unreliable ally twice in the past two years.

With inputs from Priyanjana Dutta

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