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Mar 10, 2008 at 11:07pm IST

BJP-NCP to form govt in Nagaland, Meghalaya

New Delhi: The BJP-NCP alliance in Nagaland has staked claim to form the government and in Meghalaya, the story is no different.

It is an alliance which would have been impossible to even think of, for the BJP and the NCP have been at loggerheads in Maharashtra and Delhi but have now come together in Nagaland to form the government.

The alliance, now called the Democratic Alliance of Nagaland, has members from the BJP (2), NCP (2), Independents (4) and the NPF (26).

Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) coalition has now approaches the Governor for the formation of government under the leadership of Neiphiu Rio.

In Meghalaya, too, the story is the same with NCP eyeing tie-ups with all anti-Congress parties, such as the UDP, KNHAM and the BJP to keep the Congress out. Ironically, it is the Congress which is the single largest party in the state.

There is much ire among state politicos against the Congress.

"Congress is a very selfish party. It looks after its own interests,” said NCP (Meghalaya) member, Purno Sangma.

Relations are clearly strained between the NCP and Congress. Although the two parties are together at the Centre as well as in Maharashtra, there too the alliance has often been called an uneasy one. In Goa, the Digambar Kamat government had almost fallen because the NCP MLAs had rebelled against the Congress.

The Centre’s attitude is dismissive.

"All these are post-poll alliances. It is for the people to see who is right and who is wrong," Abhishek Singhvi stated.

The history of distrust between NCP and the congress goes back a long way, right from the time when Sharad Pawar left the Congress due to Sonia Gandhi's foreign origins.

The NCP may now be a UPA ally but the Congress-NCP relations are anything but friendly.