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Jul 20, 2006 at 09:04am IST

Bloggers ready to take on the govt

New Delhi: Dalitistan.org is a website which had a good following among web browsers till two days back. But don't try accessing it now, because you can't. It's one of the 22 sites the Centre has asked Internet service providers to block.

Sites like dalitistan.org contain information that could be seen to seditious, which may be why it's on the list of these 22 sites. But in what can only be called their zeal to follow government instructions, ISPs have ended up blocking access to all blogs on Blogger -- a popular blogsite owned by Google. It has left a bad taste in the mouth of bloggers.

"People go to vote, you can select a government, you can throw out a government. But you can't decide which website you can read and which website you cannot read," says Amrit Hallan, a blogger.

So the bloggers are now getting organised. They're preparing to take the government head on.

In the first step, they plan to help people get access to blocked sites. Amrit has written about it on his blog at writerscave.com and points out how easy it is to find such methods.

"You can always search on Google -- just type in accessing blocked sites -- you'll get thousands of ways to access any blocked site," says Amrit.

In the old days, censorship was easy for governments. All they had to do was ban a book and the logistics of printing, publishing and distributing, which ensured that the book stayed banned. In the era of the Internet, ideas are easy to access and very hard to block.