Jun 22, 2012 at 06:02pm IST

Bangalore: School bus driver who crushed child to death arrested

Bangalore: The driver of the school bus who absconded after mistakenly crushing a child to death in Bangalore on Thursday has been arrested. Three-year-old Mohammad Faisal Noorulla died after he was hit by his own school bus at around 4 pm. Faisal was an LKG student of the Bright School in Thanisandra area of Bangalore.

The boy had just got off the bus when the bus driver tried to reverse the vehicle, hitting the child. On realising the kid was wounded, he took the child, who had suffered serious head injuries, and put him in the bus and rushed away. He abandoned the bus a few minutes later, locked the door of the bus and fled.

Three other school students, who were in the bus, cried out for help. A passer-by, Uma, who saw the children at first didn’t realise what had happened.

A few minutes later she opened the bus and realised the plight of children and took the injured Faisal to a hospital.

"I saw the children crying for help. When I went inside the bus, the driver wasn't there. There was blood all around. I called people from the neighbouring areas for help," said Uma.

However, Faisal died of head injuries as he was admitted to the hospital almost one hour after being hit by the bus and had already lost a lot of blood.

The driver will now be produced at a Magistrate court. Additional Commissioner of Police, Bangalore, MA Saleem said that they first booked him for causing death due to negligence, but were now thinking of a registering a culpable homicide case too.