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Mar 06, 2007 at 05:12pm IST

Bangalore to Pune for drug party

New Delhi: The ripples of the Pune rave party case were felt in Bangalore on Tuesday after it was revealed that many of the 271 students arrested there are actually from Bangalore.

Police investigations in the case have also revealed that at the time the Pune party was busted on Sunday, a similar party was going on in Bangalore. The "Star Trekk" party in Bangalore was, in fact, organised on the same lines as the Pune bash, but it went undetected by the local authorities.

The Pune police also claim that almost 60 per cent of the arrested youths were IT professionals or call centre employees. This clearly points to a growing trance syndrome among some of the young IT professionals.

While police claim that such rave parties happen mostly in Goa and Mumbai, of late these folks are on the lookout for new "hotspots" in order to avoid the gaze of the police. Postings on the forum on Indian trance parties, www.isratrance.com, in fact, talked of similar rave parties in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chandigarh as well.

Police suspect that these parties, too, went on in all these places on the same day the Pune den was busted. Police suspect the trace parties used the same modus operandi as Pune's bash to invite youngsters for a night of trance music and more.

The details of all the parties were reportedly posted on the popular trance website, but the forum itself was taken offline on Monday evening following the police crackdown in Pune.

The postings on the website indicated that the ‘Psychedelic Trance’ movement — the central theme of all these parties — will now go underground till the 'heat' cools off. The next outdoor ‘Psy’ party — which was to be held in Mumbai later this month — has been cancelled in the wake of the arrests.

The police also suspect the involvement of Israeli and Russian drug peddlers in these rave parties.

"These parties have a connection with some Israeli and Russian drug peddlers. The main accused, who organised the party, are known drug peddlers," the police claim.

Some of the drug peddlers named by the police include Dhruv Pavan Kaushal (22) and 27-year-old Paramjitsingh Harcharan Singh Brar (both from Pune), and Shania, an Irish woman, who is a known international drug peddler and has a red-corner notice besides three cases against her in Ireland.

"She was to bring 1500 bottles of California Drop but did not arrive," the Pune police claim.

Others involved include farm-house owner Ramdas Hagavane from Donje Village, Sharad Mulot Shankar, Shivendu Prabhat Kumar Gupta, S Achhyut Vaje (24), and Simrut Harish Silmali (24) — all residents of Mumbai and Stephen Ervin Muller and Christopher both from Germany. Another main accused is identified as Geoffrey, they say.

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