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Jun 21, 2007 at 05:42am IST

B'lore vegetable prices go for a toss

Bangalore: With vegetable prices touching new highs every day, vegetable consumption in Bangalore has gone down considerably thereby turning the world of many vegetable sellers like Vijaykumar upside down.

However, besides the water shortage, Vijaykumar also blames the ongoing Cauvery protests in Karnataka for the price rise.

"There is an acute shortage of water which affects farmers. This along with the Cauvery protests lead to an increase in vegetable prices,” he says.

The protests lead to frequent traffic jams, which make it difficult for farmers to bring in products to the city on a daily basis. Hence very few vegetables finally make it to the markets, and go through another round of price hike there due to reduced supply. The problem is acute along the border areas.

"There were problems with the lorries coming from Tamil Nadu. This led to some vegetable prices increasing and the rest decreasing,” says President, Vegetables and Fruits Wholesale Merchants Association, R V Gopi

But it’s not just vegetable sellers who are at the receiving end. Even customers are finding it hard to come to terms with the increased prices.

The price of carrots have gone upto Rs 16 per Kg from Rs 6 per Kg, tomatoes are up to Rs 14 per kg from Rs 10 per Kg and onions, which have seen a Rs 6 increase, are currently priced at Rs 18.20 per kg

"It has increased a lot in the last four or five days. It has increased a lot. Onions are the major problem,” says a housewife, Archana Hari.

So with the continuing IT protests and skyrocketing vegetable prices, one doesn't need to cut one onions to get the tears flowing.

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