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Oct 12, 2010 at 10:25am IST

Bodo militants on a kidnapping spree in Assam

Rangapara: There has been a rise in activity by Bodo militants in Assam, with more abductions being reported in the Sonitpur district of Assam. Heartbreakingly for the families of two railway drivers, even two months after their abduction, there's no rescue or help coming in from any quarters.

The families have been left to prayers and no concrete help from anywhere. Sabita Singh Phukan, the mother of two, has been fighting a lonely battle. It's been nearly 2 months that her husband Ajit Singh Phukan, a locomotive driver with the Indian Railways, was abducted by Bodo militants from Sonitpur in Assam. There's been no concrete help from the government or the railways. Meanwhile, a deadline for ransom payment has just expired

Sabita Singh Phukan, woife of Ajit, said: "They asked for Rs 45 lakh, but we can't pay. I asked them to release him or take us all."

The fight for getting her husband back from militants has been equally difficult for Nirmal Chandra Buragohian. An assistant driver with the railways, he was abducted the same day as Ajit.

Jyoti Buragohian, wife of Nirmal, said: "How will we pay? He's been keeping a bad health. We have no news."

With at least 10 abductions by the Bodo militants in the last two months, people are living in terror in this corner of India. Bodo militants have become suddenly active in this region though they have been losing ground with their leader Ranjan Daimary in police custody. The fear has also led to trains being stopped along certain routes at night.

With no word of any hope either from the state government or the railway ministry or any report of any action against the Bodo militants, the wait and helplessness couldn't have been worse for these families.

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