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Jun 16, 2009 at 04:17pm IST

Boost mileage by adding water to fuel

Bangalore: Necessity is the mother of invention they say so If your fed up of your petrol-guzzling cars and bikes - just add water!

According to the four engineering students from the city's GSS Institute of Technology, just adding some cool water in a little plastic container, a tube that connects it to the bike’s engine and a dry cell battery back-up that can heat up the water can make your mileage grow by almost 25 per cent and your emissions cut by by 96 per cent.

Student Praveen said, “It's an electrolyser which splits the water into its DIA atomic form - that is hydrogen and oxygen - which is passed to the engine intake where it enhances the burning property of the fuel.

A member of the team M Ravikiran said, “We got a drastic change in mileage... before and after implementing the cell... by about 11 to 12 kilometre we got the mileage.”

Some modern day bikes are fitted in with an expensive catalytic converter which burns carbon monoxide and releases it as a healthier carbon-di-oxide but this happens in the exhaust pipe.

What you have in this variant is the burning of the same carbon monoxide but in the engine. Hence, it burns fuel far more efficiently.

That's your recipe to milk the best mileage out of every litre of petrol. All it needs now is a little refining.

Student Sanjay Bhide said, “We can use petrol, diesel or gas... and use water to that engines as an additive.”

Another student Subbaiah said, “Our future plan is… how to make it run wholly using water.. that's our future plan and we're confident we'll succeed.”

With hardly any campus placements this season, thanks to the global meltdown, these contemporary Ramar Pillais hope they can ride to fame on clean fuel, once they attract a company that'll fund their technology.

(With inputs from K Karthik)

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