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Sep 21, 2006 at 06:26pm IST

Booze thief general gets the boot

New Delhi: A major general has been cashiered and sentenced to three years of imprisonment after being found guilty of smuggling liquor and misappropriating funds.

G I Singh has also been stripped of his rank. A court of inquiry had established Singh's involvement in "certain illegal activities pertaining to misuse of funds and canteen stores", said an Army spokesman.

A court of inquiry had been set up when the allegations were made against Singh when he was General Officer Commanding, VI Mountain Division.

OFFICER'S CHOICE: The Army had in 2004 said a new mechanism would prevent liquor scams.

The inquiry led to Singh's trial by a general court martial that found him guilty. Singh allegedly sent four trucks of army liquor to Sangrur, his hometown in Punjab, but the contraband was seized in Dehradun.

The subsidised Army liquor was to be sold in the open market. The Army has in recent years cracked down on officers accused of selling liquor and fuel from official stores in the open market.

In December 2004, a Brigadier was sentenced to nine months rigorous imprisonment after being found guilty of illicit sale of liquor and fraud.

The Army had then said it had put in place measures to prevent the recurrence of such incidents, including steps to streamline and monitor the drawing of liquor from canteens.