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Apr 01, 2013 at 08:44am IST

Boxer Vijender took drugs, but won't be arrested for now, say police

Chandigarh: In a big blow to India's champion boxer, the Punjab Police has for the first time confirmed that Olympian boxer Vijender Singh did take drugs, saying he took heroin nearly 12 times between December 2012 and February 2013. The police are now trying to prove this forensically.

The police's investigation report says that Vijender Singh and Ram Singh took heroin from drug dealers Anoop Singh Kahlon and Rocky for personal consumption. It also says that the boxers allegedly took the heroin between December 2012 and February 2013 and that Vijender consumed the drug 12 times and Ram Singh five times.

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Fatehgarh Sahib SSP Hardyal Singh Mann said, "We have documentary evidence that he knew they were drugs but we're not sure about his involvement. We have asked for their consent to take samples which has to be done by the law. But he rejected."

The police will now move to obtain hair and blood samples of Vijender for forensic tests. So far Vijender and Ram Singh have been claiming they took the drugs believing they were food supplements. "When we took them we thought they were food supplements. As soon as we realised those are drugs, we completely cut off our connections," Ram Singh had earlier said.

The case dates back to March 3 when police seized drugs from a flat in Mohali. The police had seized about 28 kgs of heroin, 61 kg of Pseudophedrine and over Rs 1 crore drug money. About 50 kg of ice was destroyed by the family members of the dealers and the total cost of the seizures is around Rs 130 crore and would fetch Rs 484 crore in the international market.

So far 15 persons including two Canadian and one UK citizen have been arrested. The police have, however, ruled out any arrests of the boxers as they had not actively connived with the smugglers and nothing was recovered from them.

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