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Feb 25, 2009 at 10:05am IST

Jai ho choreographer Longinus is happy

Mumbai: Danny Boyle in his speech while receiving the Oscars mentioned the Jai ho choreographer Longinus Fernandes’ contribution to the song. It is this speech that put Longinus Fernandes on cloud nine and more than made up for the fact that his name had been missed in the credit titles of the film.

“It became overnight a name for people to reckon with, I didn't believe if I am hearing what I actually heard,” says Longinus Fernandes.

Boyle remembering to mention Longinus' name was indeed, an honour beyond words. But what stunned Fernandes was the near public apology for missing out his name from the credit list at a moment least expected.

HONOURED: Longinus says Danny Boyle is easy going but a keen observer and a perfectionist.

“Danny sir said that just ask Longi (that is the way he is informally addressed) to be cool and calm. I'll pay back in abundance. But just look at the abundance, like how! There is nothing better than this that I could have ever expected,” adds Longinus Fernandes.

A tune that has got everyone swinging got its moves from Longinus, but he still claims, the mind was that of the director.

“He said this is the station and you can do what you want. I need 3000 people around. It has to be a fan fare, youthful and down market,” adds Longines.

And With this basic brief, Longi even managed to tackle Dev Patel who has two left feet.

"He is a hardworking boy. Sometimes he would look gawky. But he would try to impress me. I would tell him do not try to impress me, impress himself instead,” Longinus mentions.

In all it does seem like the Slumdog Millionaire magic has rubbed on to yet another life. And he sure owes it all to Danny Boyle.