Apr 25, 2014 at 01:02pm IST

Brilliant! 10 minimal Bollywood posters explained with app notifications and emojis

Minimal Bollywood Posters is one Facebook page that leaves every Bollywood fan awe-struck. The brain behind this idea, Akshar Pathak, cleverly manages to convert the concept behind a movie into a minimalist poster.

'Notificational Attyachaar' is his latest incredible attempt at designing Bollywood movie posters with pop-up app notifications and emojis. The album on Minimal Bollywood Posters' Facebook page has posters for classic all-time hit Bollywood movies. The album has close to 4000 likes at the moment with pictures of Rakhee waiting for Karan Arjun to load, Dhanush following Sonam Kapoor in Ranjhanaa, Thakur who deals with an 'Error 404' when it comes to hands, and many other brilliant ones. You'll have to see them to appreciate them!