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Apr 04, 2007 at 12:35am IST

Britney is US's most foolish person

New Delhi: Marking April Fools Day quite literally and in a whole new light was the annual list of America's most foolish people. And the top spot went to none other than Britney Spears for her panty shedding, head shaving and rehab-visiting spree.

Party pal Paris Hilton can't be far behind having been booked for drunken driving twice with a suspended license while being on probation.

Celebrating the fourth year of being in the list of America's Most Foolish is none other than the forgotten king of pop, Micheal Jackson.

Recently in the news for a trip to Japan to meet his fans or what’s left of them, MJ made it to the third place.

Also on the list of the top five Most Foolish is Mil Gibson. The actor-filmmaker last hit headlines for his drunken anti-Semetic rant.