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Nov 09, 2013 at 02:36pm IST

BSP will fight the 2014 Lok Sabha elections alone, says Mayawati

New Delhi: Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati on Saturday said that the party will contest the 2014 Lok Sabha polls without an alliance with either the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)or the Congress.

Mayawati added that both the BJP and Congress have lost the confidence of people. "A feeling is being created that there are only the BJP and the Congress. People do not prefer either of these two parties," she said.

"With this the reports that our party can have outside or internal alliance with Congress or BJP are all rumours. These are being spread as a part of planned conspiracy to mislead our people and damage the BSP," she alleged.

She questioned the BJP on what they did when they were in power at the Centre. "BJP gathers people at rallies as a show of strength and claim to have all solutions for all the problems that our country has. What did they do when they governed the country?," she said.

Mayawati claimed that her party would perform very good in the elections and play an important role in the mission of social change. "I have full faith in the people of the state and all the workers of the party," she said.

Mayawati said the way BJP leaders LK Advani, Narendra Modi and Rajnath Singh were trying to outdo each other would only work in favour of the BSP. "The way the trio of Advani, Modi and Rajnath were trying to outdo each other, would also help the BSP in achieving its target to a great extent," she said.

She said that before Lok Sabha polls BSP was contesting Assembly elections in Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh independently. She added that she would visit the four states soon, but the dates would be announced later.

She alleged the Samajwadi Party government in the state has failed to maintain law and order and was triggering riots in connivance with the BJP. "As the time of Lok Sabha elections come nearer, SP and BJP, in a bid to give political advantage to each other as a part of tacit understanding, will vitiate atmosphere by

spreading communal poison," she alleged.

In such a situation, Mayawati asked the Governor to impose President's rule in the state. Terming as "dramatics" the yatras organised by SP to

include 17 backward castes into Scheduled Caste, the BSP supremo said like the VHP the party should apologise to OBC community for issuing a government order in its previous regime which deprived them of reservation facility.

She said that before Lok Sabha elections an attempt was being made to create an atmosphere in the country that there was no parties other than Congress or BJP, which was not right.

She said that in reality both the parties were not the main choice of the people as they have tested them and felt disappointed. "BJP people are making tall announcements of resolving big

problems before the country in their rallies by assembling crowd of ticket goers. Why didn't they did so when the party was in power for six years," Mayawati said while taking a dig

at the saffron brigade.

She claimed the people in UP were feeling harassed by increasing crime and riots. She said that until and unless peace is not restored trade and industry could not flourish and UP would continue to remain a backward state.

The BSP supremo said that by distributing laptops and unemployment allowance to some would not ensure the welfare of the society.

(With additional inputs from PTI)