Budget 2012: Dear Finance Minister, please go easy on students

Mar 13, 2012 at 05:27pm IST

Students do not have it easy as education loans do not come cheap. This year, the student community is hoping that exemptions against education loans are extended to 10 years from the current 8 years. Education qualifications to a great extent shape the careers of students.

However, today coaching classes and private tuitions have started having a major impact on their educational excellence. Hence students are hoping that service tax in not raised further from the current levels as it results in a hike in school and college fees as well as tuition and coaching centre rates.

Today education expenses have really sky rocketed and parents have to really think twice before choosing an institute. Changes of this kind are sure to impact a student's future career path. In the previous Budget, Pranab Mukherjee announced a substantial increase in budget of 24% in the education sector.

Budget 2012: Dear FM, please go easy on students

Students are hoping that exemptions against education loans are extended to 10 years from the current 8 years.

The Girl Student's Expectations

Though promoting education among girls has been an oft declared aim of successive governments at the centre as well as the states, little has been done in terms of providing specific provisions for easier educational loans for higher studies to girl students.

Many such students strongly feel that the time has come for the finance minister to take concrete steps in this regard and extend the moratorium on educational loans for girls as well as offer a softer interest rate so as to enable the girls to make up for their traditional disadvantage in obtaining higher and specialized professional education which help them to stand on their feet.


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