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May 04, 2006 at 04:48pm IST

Budhia celebrates his feat

Bhubaneswar: Four and a half years old and a world record to his name, Budhia is obviously enjoying all this attention.

Budhia Singh or Wonder Kid, as he's fondly called, ran his way to the Limca Book of Records as the youngest long distance runner in the world.

He ran 65 kilometres in just 7 hours and 2 minutes.

Budhia said "I am happy that after this I will be going to London and will be running there in a small marathon (around 6 km)".

A British media company is making a documentary on Budhia. They have sponsored his trip to London later this month.

Budhia will be made to meet a team of doctors, who will try and find out just what gives this little kid that huge drive.

Budhia's mother who sold him for just 800 rupees because of poverty just can't believe her son's become a mini superstar.

Sukanti Singh, Budhia's Mother said, "I was forced to sell him, but now I'm so happy to see my son's success, the fact that he's been invited to a foreign country now".

When Budhia collapsed during his run on Tuesday, it triggered a huge debate on why the kid was made to run such a long distance.

Though he couldn’t complete the marathon, Budhia managed to enter the Limca Book of Records for the youngest long distance runner and has no dearth of opportunities to explore.

The race was sponsored by the Central Reserve Police Force, which plans to adopt Budhia.

Budhia, lovingly called India's Forrest Gump, was a slum kid who was discovered by a local sports coach for his outstanding running abilities.

When he strayed into a sports ground once, a coach asked him to run laps as punishment. When the coach returned after five hours, Budhia was still running!

But unaware of all the controversy that's been raging, Budhia just seems content basking in his newfound glory.