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Jul 12, 2012 at 01:09pm IST

Bulandshahr hospital CMS shifted, ward boy suspended

New Delhi: The Chief Medical Superintendent of the district hospital in Bulandshahr, Shishir Kumar, has been shifted out. A ward boy has also been suspended. The action comes two days after the ward boy was caught on camera giving stitches to a patient and a technician was giving another patient an injection.

Meanwhile, the hospital staff has gone on a strike. The staff is protesting, shouting slogans against the media 'high-handedness' against them.

Class 4 employees were caught on camera performing the duties of doctors in the hospital. The hospital has 23 trained doctors but a sweeper was caught giving stitches to a patient. The video also showed a ward boy administering tetanus shots to another patient.

All this took place under the watch of the Hospital Chief Medical Officer. District health officials claimed that the staff seen in the video were Operation Theatre attendants and not janitors. Chief Medical Superintendent Shishir Kumar had also defended the staff.

Uttar Pradesh Health Minister Ahmed Hasan had ordered a probe into the incident.