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May 03, 2008 at 07:44am IST

Burney hopes Sarabjit would be released soon

New Delhi: Pakistan's leading human rights activist Ansar Burney, who has been fighting for the release of Sarabjit Singh, was very happy with Pakistan staying Sarabjit’s execution. He lauded the Pakistani government for taking the decision and hoped that there would be more good news for Sarabjit soon.

“I think this is a great success and the efforts of Ansar Burney have become fruitful and this is a very good gesture on behalf of the government of Pakistan. We are thankful to the President of Pakistan, the prime minister of Pakistan. When I sent his mercy petition, I told you earlier that nobody is going to hang Sarabjit Singh because of many reasons that I mentioned in my mercy petition. This is a good gesture from Pakistan. I would like to appreciate the government's decision. I am also thankful to CNN-IBN and the other media for their kind support in this matter for the interest of human rights,” Burney told CNN-IBN.

Burney also said that Sarabjit would be released soon.

“You will hear more good news. He will be released very soon. Once it’s suspended till further orders, it means everything will be ok,” he stated

Sarabjit's sister Dalbir Kaur thanked Burney for his efforts in and said that he was like an angel.

Our entire family is very happy after hearing the news. I feel elated that I tied a rakhi on Ansar Burney’s wrist. He is an angel for us. God has sent to help us. Burney has done everything that I had hoped for when I tied a rakhi on his wrist. He has shown that he is true to his words and has done whatever he had said. I feel that whatever happiness there is today is because of Burney. I will not only pray for Sarabjit but also for Burney,” an emotional and elated Dalbir said.

“I want to tell Burney that my entire family will forever remain indebted to him and whenever we will pray, we will pray for him too. You are a true human being and like an angel for us. I wish him a long life,” she said.

Addressing Dalbir, Burney said,” Dalbir has struggled and ran from pillar to post for Sarabjit. If an innocent person like Sarabjit had been hanged then it would have been a grave injustice. I have done every thing for humanity and for human dignity. I hope after this incident there is trust and love between India and Pakistan.”

“You will hear more good news very soon. Earlier the hanging was April 30 and now it’s stayed till further orders. Soon you will hear it is life imprisonment,” he hoped.

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