Apr 04, 2012 at 01:16pm IST

Bangalore: Buses parked in front of houses at night

BANGALORE: Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation  (BMTC) depot No 4, which is located in Jayanagar 4th T Block, is a  nightmare for the neighbourhood. Due to the lack of space inside the depot, buses are being parked in front of the houses at night, with some buses partially blocking the entry or exit to the roads. This leaves little manoeuvring room for other vehicles.  Such haphazard parking has led to this particular place being considered as an accident-prone zone, where at least one accident occurs everyday. “I am fed up with these drivers, who park the buses in front of our houses. These drivers don’t care if we tell them not to park here. Also, different drivers come in everyday and they feign ignorance about the issue. We informed the depot manager, but to no effect,” said Satynarayana Rao, a resident.
Another resident Umesh, who is a  civil engineer, says, “Firstly, the roads are very narrow. Only one heavy vehicle can ply on the road at a time. Secondly, these drivers park their buses on road corners, especially on the 36th cross. They just do not have any common sense. Thirdly, they keep the emergency window open at night damaging other vehicles that are passing by.”
“Between 1 and 2.30 pm, many buses are being parked on both sides of the road. Since, they compete among themselves to reach the depot, one can see traffic snarls here all the time,” said B H Ismail, an auto driver, who drives regularly through this road in Jayanagar.
The depot manager Hanumatharaya says, “I know about the issues. It is due to lack of space that some buses are being parked on the side of the road. However, I have instructed the drivers to avoid parking in the area and the problem will be sorted out shortly. I have discussed this issue with senior officials.”
The police inspector of Mico Layout T Mallesh said that all residential areas near bus depots are facing this problem. “If we warn them, they claim that the buses are public property and that they should be allowed to park. However, I have appraised the depot manager about the damage caused by open emergency windows and have instructed them to keep it closed,” he said.
Interestingly, Transport Minister R Ashok’s official residence is beside the depot and no one dares to park there. “Why can’t the BMTC park their buses in front of his house? Why are they harassing us? Is this how it is done,” questions Umesh.