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Jun 20, 2007 at 08:26am IST

Bush's lost watch raises alarm

New Delhi: US President George W Bush was shaking hands with his Albanian fans on Sunday proudly sporting a watch with a dark strap on his left wrist.

But whatever happened to the watch?

Some newspapers, television stations and websites carried reports that Bush's watch was stolen. But the Albanian police and the US Embassy said that the reports were untrue.

They claim the watch was removed by one of Bush's bodyguards for safekeeping, when the President put his hand behind his back.

The US Embassy in Albania on Tuesday emphatically denied that Bush's watch was stolen during his visit to the country, where he was acclaimed as a hero.

Bush was greeted enthusiastically by Albanians when he visited Fushe Kruja, a small town some 30 kilometres from the capital Tirana, following official visits to Italy and Germany where he encountered hostile protests.

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