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Mar 08, 2013 at 09:14am IST

Call details racket: Probe reveals email ids of 2 more Delhi Police officers used to access VVIP call details

New Delhi: The call details racket which first surfaced with a Delhi Police constable seeking Arun Jaitley's phone records is getting murkier. In a similar case, a Mumbai police probe has put the scanner on two more Delhi Police officials.

Days after a probe revealed that an email ID of an ACP Delhi Police was used to seek Arun Jaitley's Call details, two more Delhi Police officers are under the scanner. A probe on the call details racket busted by the Mumbai Police reveals that a gang of private detectives used exactly the same modus operandi to get the call details of VIPs and celebrities.

An investigation report submitted by the Mumbai Police threw up a few startling facts. The email IDs of two East Delhi ACPs were used to get call detail records of a number of VIPs. The records fetched the private detectives as much as Rs 10 lakhs per person.

This racket busted makes it clear that Delhi Police constable Dabbas using an ACP's email id isn't a one off incident. Investigations now will have to focus on whether the ACPs were used, or if they were part of the conspiracy.

Mumbai Police's investigation clearly reveals that the phone tapping case isn't one off incident and the probe is likely to widen. These revelations certainly come across as a major embarrassment for the Delhi Police but the big questions remains will the senior Delhi police officers named by the Mumbai Police be questioned or will the case die a slow death.