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Oct 23, 2012 at 05:55pm IST

Can't give any time frame on Telangana: Kiran Kumar Reddy

Hyderabad: With the first International Biodiversity summit in India coming to an end, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy has said that discussions on Telangana are ongoing but no time frame can be given for a solution to the dispute. Speaking exclusively to CNN-IBN the Chief Minister talked about Brand Hyderabad, Telangana and Congress's chances in 2014 and also denied accusations of being partisan.

"The International Biodiversity summit is a prestige of India, a first for the country. But since we are the host state, we are happy that we could do this summit with international appreciation from delegates all over the world. We are happy we could host the biggest summit in the history of independent India," Reddy said.

Speaking on law and order for the summit Reddy said, "We are happy that citizens of Hyderabad cooperated in making this event a success. With 3000 officials round the clock and 9000 police personnel, it has come out well."

On Telangana and the accusation that since he is from Rayalseema region, he underplays the movement Reddy said that he is not taking sides and I will not take sides. "As a Chief Minister of the state, it is my duty to treat every area on par. Whatever I have to say is to my high command and central government and when that time comes I will put in on what has to be done and how it has to be done," Reddy added.

"Basically, the Telangana issue is a complex issue. It is sensitive. The central government is having discussions with different political parties and regions. We have to wait for a conclusion, for a decision. We cannot give a time frame, or you cannot give a date for such complicated decisions that they have to take," he further said.

On Padayatras as a build up to 2014 Reddy said, "Not at all unnerving for the Congress. They are welcome to walk how much they can walk everyday. It will not have any impact on us. Result of 2014 depends on two major issues; government performance on welfare schemes and how united we go as a Congress unit for the elections. Other things will not matter," Reddy said.