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Sep 10, 2012 at 12:06pm IST

Cash-at-door scam: SC refuses to quash charges against Nirmal Yadav

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Monday refused to quash corruption charges against former Punjab and Haryana High Court judge Nirmal Yadav in the cash-at-the-door scam.

Nirmal Yadav had sought the quashing of charges against her in the case. The apex court, however, refused and ordered the trial to continue.

The case came to light when a clerk sent by the then Additional Advocate General of Haryana, Sajiv Bansal, mistakenly placed a briefcase containing Rs 15 lakh in cash, meant for Yadav, at the doorstep of another judge Nirmalkant Kaur. The incident dates back to August 2008.

Cash-at-door case to continue against Nirmal Yadav

The case came to light when a clerk sent by an Advocate General mistakenly delivered a briefcase with cash at the house of Nirmalkant Kaur.

Kaur reported the matter to Chandigarh police, following which the matter was taken up in the court.