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Feb 14, 2008 at 06:06pm IST

Catching US poll fever? Try and sip an 'Obama'

Nairobi: The US presidential primaries have a special connection to Kenya. Illinois Senator Barack Obama's father was born there, and therefore Kenyans are following Obama's progress with great interest.

When Senator Barack Obama celebrated his clean sweep of the Potomac primaries, The Change We Seek swept through the Chesapeake and over the Potomac.

There were lingering effects of the primary party in Kenya, the homeland of Barack Obama's father.

In Nairobi, CNN reporter Patrick Kamau found a mountain of empty beer kegs, with hundreds of them stacked outside a distributor of Senator beer. Locals say many of the kegs were leftovers from Obama’s victory celebrations.

Senator Beer has become popular since the start of the US primaries.

In fact, Kenyans have given the local beer a new nickname, Obama. They are coming in bicycles and the Obamas are flying off the shelf.

People are going mad for Obama beer since Obama won the primaries on Super Tuesday.

But it might just be they like it because it's really cheap and very strong. “Let’s give it a try. It's pretty good. Cheers!” goes a Kenyan youth.

“Two Obamas please,” the CNN reporter tried to order a couple. The keg was empty. But, just in time, in came another round of Kenya’s favourite son.

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