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Oct 26, 2007 at 11:30pm IST

CBI gets solo run in Rizwanur case, tracks outsider link

Kolkata: The West Bengal Government has finally decided not to go ahead with the judicial inquiry into the death of Rizwanur Rehman, which is being probed by the CBI. The announcement came on a day when investigations established the shady involvements of some outsiders in the case.

"Today, I am telling you that I am withdrawing the judicial probe," West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee told journalists on Friday, confirming his government's decision to abort the parallel inquiry.

The Chief Minister took the decision following strong public pressure and to give the CBI a solo run to unravel the death mystery.

The Rehman family, which had earlier filed a petition in the Calcutta High Court calling the parallel probe unnecessary, welcomed the move.

"The CBI is an independent agency. Their recommendations and their way of working are different. We had said in the high court that the judicial probe was unnecessary and it should be stopped. We welcome the state government’s decision," Rizwan's brother Rukbanur Rehman said.

The state government's complete withdrawal from the case is also being seen as its eagerness to absolve itself from all responsibilities and consequences of the outcome of the probe.

The CBI probe has, meanwhile, revealed that some outsiders too had approached the couple, allegedly at the behest of the Todis, to convince them to break up.

But Majid, an acquaintance of the Rehman family, defends his action. "I met the family to make them understand that this marriage can't sustain. I am telling frankly. You can't see it as an attempt to divorce the couple," he says.

These outsides, however, denied that any money was paid to try and break the marriage. "I have no knowledge of any financial transaction either in front of me or behind me. Nothing of this sort has reached my ears," Syed Hasan Ali, a real estate promoter, claims.

(With Sukarno Sen in Kolkata)

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