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Jul 26, 2011 at 09:04pm IST

CBI is picking and choosing 2G accused: Raja

New Delhi: On day two of the 2G spectrum scam trial former telecom minister A raja started his defence by saying that he had not implicated Prime Minister Manmohan Singh or the then Finance Minister P Chidambarm and it was the media that had misquoted him. However, minutes later Raja went back to attacking all concerned in the 2G case.

Raja started off with targetting the Comptroller Auditor General Vinod Rai calling him legally illiterate and a mere accountant whose findings had no sanctity in Criminal Law.

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Raja's lawyer Sushil Kumar accused judge O P Saini of carrying out an unfair trial.

Questioning the Supreme Court judge, Raja's lawyer Sushil Kumar said, "You get a salary just to hear this case. I have to move around for other cases too? Do I have to wind up my practice and just sit before you day after day? This is a highly unfair trial. You took six months just to finish scrutiny of documents. How can any other court tell you what to do?"

Raja's lawyer said since P Chidambaram as Finance Minister cleared the sale of equity of Swan Telecom and Unitech he will eventually have to come to court as a witness from either side.

The Prime Minister and the Law Minister too were dragged in. Raja said he stands accused of evading the group of ministers on the issue of spectrum allocation. But, he questioned that since the file went through the Law minister and was put up before the Prime Minister in November 2007 why didn't the Prime Minister refer it to his Group of Ministers if he saw a conflict.

"The file went through the Law Minister and was put up before the Prime Minister in November 2007. Why did he not refer it to GOM if he saw a conflict? Are you saying even the Law Minister was part of my conspiracy?" asked Raja.

Raja reiterated that the CBI was picking and choosing accused in the scam. His lawyer even said, "The CBI estimated Rs 22000 crore loss from this scam. Out of this Rs 14000 crore was made by the Tatas. That is more than half the amount mentioned by the CBI. Where is that man? Why isn't he an accused?"

Raja's defence saved the best for last by targetting Attorney General Ghoolam Vahanvati.

Raja argued in person against the then Solicitor General Vahanvati saying, "he became Attorney General from Solicitor General in three years defending this case. I followed his advice and I am in jail."

The CBI's allegation is that Raja forged Vahanaviti's writing on the press note which announced the cut-off date to show that the then Solicitor General approved the changed cut-off policy.

Raja, however, said that Vahanvati was misrepresenting facts in this regard.

"Vahanavti saw the spectrum allocation files for three years. He defended the Department of Telecom and the government for three years. How can he say he was not aware of the policy? How can his press note be different from the government file?" Raja said.

Raja alleged that the Attorney General was changing his version under pressure.

Two days of wild allegations later Raja has concluded his arguments. But in these two days he has made it clear that unless judge Saini discharges him, the former telecom minister will ensure more fireworks at the trial stage especially when the likes of Vahnavati and Radia take the witness box.

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