Sep 01, 2012 at 11:58am IST

Bangalore: Celebrate achievements in rural areas, says Kalam

Bangalore: Inclusive growth of rural areas must be facilitated and reverse migration must be enabled into our villages in which 70 per cent of Indians dwell, said former president A P J Abdul Kalam. “Achievements of people in rural panchayats, be it in agriculture, craftsmanship or tourism need to be celebrated. After all, these 700 million people are living in the 600,000 villages of our nation,” he said on Friday, during his visit to The New Indian Express office.

“If innovative use of organic cultivation is taking place, or productivity of wheat or rice is doubled by the initiative of farmers using scientific methods, such news needs to be highlighted,” observed Kalam. Kalam also expressed the need for more “carbon neutral”, eco-friendly communities and villages.

Citing an example of a bio-methanisation plant inaugurated last year in Tamil Nadu, he said carbon consciousness is something that needs to penetrate the mindsets of citizens at all levels. “The plant set up in the Periyar Maniammai University in Tanjore uses raw material like like cattle dung, night soil, vegetable waste, food waste and sanitary napkins and generates 500 cubic metres of biogas a day that generates 60 kW of electricity,” he said.

Celebrate rural achievements, says Kalam

Inclusive growth must be facilitated and reverse migration must be enabled, said the former President.

“I have seen youths of British India and India’s India. With modern gadgets, today’s youths are smart. However, there is one problem. They are searching for a role model. They are looking for leadership, and true leadership comes when there is righteousness in the heart. Where is that righteousness? That should be our focus,” said Kalam.