Feb 08, 2013 at 12:26pm IST

'Celluloid' has been banned from releaseing

Upcoming Telugu movie 'Celluloid' has been unofficially banned from release.

The ban is said to be imposed by the distributors association of the state, who is taking vengeance on the director for releasing his previous movie 'Swapnasnchari' on the days of their theater strikes, an year ago.

However, 'Celluloid' which was going ahead with it's official release date of February 15 is suddenly in for some trouble.

'Celluloid': Release of Telugu movie faces ban

'Celluloid' will feature actors Prithviraj and Mamtha in the lead roles.

Interestingly, this movie revolves around the history of Malayalam cinema with JC Daniel in the center of the plot. Featuring actors Prithviraj and Mamtha in the lead roles, the songs of the movie are already big hits in the metro channels.