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Nov 04, 2008 at 02:22pm IST

Chandrayan enters the moon's orbit on day 14

New Delhi: India's first space mission to the moon Chandrayaan-I is zooming closer to the moon.

Tuesday morning, it entered the lunar space in the final leg of its journey to the moon's orbit.

At the crack of dawn on Tuesday, Chandrayaan's orbit was raised again.

It won't come near earth ever again.

The new orbit will carry it almost 4 lakh kilometers away from us, right into the moon's neighborhood.

On the eight of this month, it will start circling the moon.

If it is successful, Chandrayaan could well be the sign of things to come. Chandrayaan 2 - a mission which will land on the moon - is already being planned.

Even a manned mission within the next 7 years is already on the drawing table.

“Space travel has been a challenging topic for all. We started with a small rockets which could hardly go up to 10 km out of earth surface.

From there, we came to PSLV, 1,000 km, then GSLV - 36,000 km. Now the same PSLV - goes to 4 lakh km. That's phenomenal growth. Next may be, a mission to Mars may be our dream,” ISRO Chairman Madhavan Nair said.

For us Indians, the moon has religious, romantic, even mythological significance.

However, Chandrayaan will mark the beginning of its scientific significance.

Understanding the moon will help us understand the earth and the solar system and possibly tell us if we can ever live on the moon one day.

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