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Mar 15, 2008 at 02:15pm IST

Charlesworth to help Indian hockey team

New Delhi: The Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) has summoned Australian legend Ric Charlesworth to New Delhi to discuss his role in Indian hockey.

He's been made in-charge of the 'Promotion of Indian Hockey' project in an agreement signed by the International Hockey Federation (FIH), Ministry of Sports and IHF.

Sources have confirmed to CNN-IBN that Charlesworth will arrive in New Delhi on Monday to attend meetings with IHF officials.

TO THE RESCUE: Charlesworth's been made in-charge of the 'Promotion of Indian Hockey' project.

According to reports, IHF President KPS Gill and secretary K Jothikumaran gave up their defiance to Ric Charlesworth on receiving a petition signed by 100 Members of Parliament on Thursday.

As the clamour for the removal of Gill mounted, the signed petition by 100 MPs was probably the last straw.

Meanwhile, Charlesworth also told to CNN-IBN that he has indeed been invited by the IHF for a series of discussions in New Delhi.

Charleworth also admitted India's preparation was inadequate going into the qualifiers.

"I have been speaking with the IHF for the last one month about returning to India. So it has been a very long delayed process. But we spoke over the last week and I am certainly be returning on Monday. I have saying to India for a long time that there needs to be changes and if there isn't any change then there is no point in having me involved. I didn't get to see the qualifiers as unfortunately as I wasn't there as was planned. So I can't comment on what happened on what happened there but i have seen the preparation and it was perfunctory and inadequate. That’s the critical part. First rule of coaching is preparation, preparation and more preparation. India have to prepare properly," he said.

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