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Apr 06, 2013 at 10:23am IST

Chashme Baddoor: 15 'kameena' wisecracks that will have you in splits

New Delhi: Here is a list of 15 wisecracks from David Dhawan's 'Chashme Baddoor' that will have you in splits.

1: What's a kiss? Divyendu explains the mechanics of a kiss to a nervous Ali Zafar about to experience his first lip-lock: Yeh woh chumbakiya padarth hai jisse bak bak bandh aur dil ki dhadkan tezz ho jaati hai

2: Ali Zafar finally gains the confidence he needs to kiss Taapsee Pannu and this is what he says to her. When I'm good, I'm good; when I'm bad, I'm even better

Chashme Baddoor: 15 'kameena' wisecracks from the film

Lilette Dubey re-enacts the classic 'Chamko' scene from the original in David Dhawan's remake.

3: Sharma's guide to dating: Early to bed and early to rise, makes a girl go with other guys

4: Lilette Dubey: Half bucket water milega? Rishi Kapoor: Of course. Peene ke liye?

5: Lilette Dubey who re-enacts the classic 'Chamko' scene from the original: Rang badalte duniya mein, jhaagwala, khushbudaar Chamko!

6: A supremely confident Siddharth prepares to audition for a role: Agar main in logon ko mil gaya, toh inki life ban jayegi. Somebody stop me!

7: Sharma's brand of 'shayari': Wife ne poocha husband se, sach kaho kitno ke saath soye ho...husband ne bola... soya toh sirf tumhare sath, baki saikron ke saath jaaga poori raat!

8: A match-making Anupam Kher: Chhabbis (26) July aap baarat ki battalion leke humare ghar ayenge. Over and out. (Needless to add he's in the army)

9: Rishi Kapoor castigating the trio for failing to clear his cafe bill: Main sailor reh chuka hoon. Port, port ka paani pee chukka hoon.

10: Sharma emotionally blackmailing Lilette Dubey: Aaj aap unki attaché bahar phenk rahi hai, jisse aap itni attached ho gayi hai?

11: Tariff uss almighty ki jisne iss dude ko banaya

12: Sharma making up a story of how his date with Taapsee went to his friends: Logically aap logon ka jalna banta hai, but biologically I'm on cloud number 9

13: Sharma strikes again: Don't judge a film by its poster

14: Sharma tries to find out if Zafar is dating anyone: Arz kiya hai...ki gal hai? life mein koi girl hai?

15: Siddharth and Sharma during the climax: Bade buzurg keh gaye hai ki paapon ka prayashchit karna chahiye. Lekin usse pehle paap toh kar le!