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Aug 30, 2006 at 09:30pm IST

Chauhan's aim is to make Delhi win

New Delhi: Former Indian opener Chetan Chauhan has been appointed as the new coach of the Delhi Ranji team. He will take over from Madan Lal at the end of this season.

Delhi's Ranji performance in the last couple of seasons have been rather dismal, failing to even reach the semi-finals last season. CNN-IBN’s Pavitra Sazawal caught up with the new coach to find out his plans to turn things around.

Pavitra Sazawal: You are already the Vice-President of the Delhi District Cricket Association (DDCA) and you have been elected the coach as well. So how are you going to manage both the duties?

Chetan Chauhan: See, as a Vice-President I know what the problems are, what are the things which have been lacking here, I know what the system is. So I’m sure this position will definitely help me get things done here in the association. I will be able to get the right facilities that are needed for the players and I’m sure the boys will do well in this particular season.

Pavitra Sazawal: What kind of goals have you set for the team?

Chetan Chauhan: Being a former Test cricketer my goal is absolutely clear – we play to win and my mission will be to win the Ranji Trophy and I’m sure help will come from everywhere. Ultimately it will be the boys who have to perform here and I will see to it that all kinds of facilities, all things that are necessary - whether it is confidence, whether it is the sense of belonging, whether it is security, motivation – whatever is needed, all that facilities will be provided to the boys and I’m sure they will do well.