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Jun 20, 2007 at 04:51am IST

Check out Celina's sari affair

Mumbai: Actress Celina Jaitley who made her debut in a bikini is now the brand ambassador for a sari brand.

On-screen, the bikini is the outfit she will be most remembered for but off it Celina’s favourite attire is the sari.

"A sari is an outfit which will grace any woman's body, no matter what her size,” Celina says.

Celina Jaitley says her love affair with the sari began early in her teens. (IBN)

For someone who is always seen in public in six yards of fabric, Celina's love affair with the sari began early in her teens.

“First time I donned the sari was for my Class X farewell ball. It’s then I realised boys were paying more attention,” quips Celina.

Over the years, many saris have fetched her countless compliments but her favourite sari is not a designer piece but one that's been an heirloom.

“It is a typical kantha from Bengal and has been with the family for generations,” Celina explains.

Her love for saris has now led the actress to design them for a leading sari brand.