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Mar 31, 2008 at 10:31am IST

Chennai dog joins police force voluntarily

Chennai: No one can miss the rather unlikely member of the Anna Square police station in Chennai, Julie — unlikely because Julie is a dog. She is the newest member of the Anna Square police station and joined just about a month ago.

However, Julie is not a police watchdog, but has voluntary taken up the duty of patrolling the shores of the Marina beach.

Inspector S Sekar says, "A small child was playing very close to the water just a couple of days ago. Julie barked at her and pulled her to the shore to safety. That's when people got to know her."

Policemen say over 1,600 people have drowned in the stretch of beach near Anna Square police station in the last year. Among them were 231 children.

Julie keeps an eye on the crowd and pulls back people who stray too close to the water.

She has become a favourite among the policemen and the regular beach-goers — and that might have something to do with the fact that nobody has drowned in the area ever since she's taken up her duty about a month ago.

The police are now thinking of using Julie's services for other purposes as well.

S Sekar says, "We are planning to train her and other dogs like her to catch people dealing with narcotic substances on the beach."

And Julie seems to be enjoying her new role as Chennai's special cop.