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Aug 10, 2013 at 10:11am IST

Chennai Express: 15 deadly dialogues that can drive you to despair

New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone starrer action comedy film 'Chennai Express', ah, wait...comedy? Really? Having watched the movie, I muse how fair it is to promote a movie as a comedy film when it evokes genuine laughter only once in the entire two and half hours duration of the movie?

'Chennai Express' is old caper packed in a new glitzy bottle. The film has a basic story wherein a guy and a girl meet, spend some time, and as expected, fall in love. The guy fights for the girl and succeeds in winning the heart of the girl's father. Happy ending. While the storyline is clichéd, the art direction may leave you awestruck occasionally.

With cars toppling and blowing up, 'Chennai Express' is a typical Rohit Shetty movie, but this time coupled with highly corny dialogues, which may dismay you. Here is our pick of 15 dialogues from the movie which may leave you cringing.

Chennai Express: 15 deadly dialogues that can drive you to despair

Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone starrer action comedy film 'Chennai Express', ah, wait...comedy? Really?

1. Logo ki train miss hoti hai, aap logo ke chakkar mein mera platform miss ho gaya. (Shah Rukh was so busy helping people in boarding a train that he could not get off the train in time, and then he says "people miss trains, but I missed a platform because of you").

2. Deepika: Jab bhi main apne appa ke saamne tumhe dekhti, tum mundi hilana. Shah Rukh: Kya hilana? (Deepika instructs Shah Rukh that whenever I look towards you in front of my father, you just shake your head (nod); SRK enquires, shake what? The Hindi version here hints at a double meaning).

3. Hum logo jahan se khadi hoti, station wahi se shuru hoti. (Taking a leaf from Amitabh Bachchan's famous dialogue from the movie 'Kaalia', Deepika says this dialogue which means "a station is created from where we stand").

4. Don't worry, bhaagne mein mera bahut experience hai.(I have expertise in eloping, says Deepika. This dialogue is reminiscent of the movie 'Jab We Met' wherein Kareena Kapoor also expresses her desire to run away secretly).

5. Wo sab mujse impress the, par main depress tha, mind mein stress tha, par jahan mein tha wahan ka maahol bahut dangerous tha. (They were impressed, I was depressed, mind was stressed, but the ambience was unpleasant. Shah Rukh failed to even rhyme!)

6. Myself Shamsher Singh from Punjab. Which part? Areee, whole body. (While introducing himself to Shah Rukh, a policeman says, I am Shamsher Singh from Punjab. Shah Rukh asks, which part? (though Shah Rukh meant which part of Punjab are you from); the policeman replies, whole body).

7. Tum kar sakte ho ye? Nai na? kiuki beech mein tere ye MRF ke tyres aate hain? (Shah Rukh performs a stunt and asks a fat goon to do the same. Before the goon even reacts, Shah Rukh laughs at him and compares his paunch and flab on his body with MRF tyres.)

8. Muje chhor do tumhe Singham ki kasam. (Leave me, you got to swear on Singham.)

9. Deepika: Gaadi kharaab ho gayi hai kya? Shah Rukh: Nahi. Deepika: Ye gaadi se dhuaan kiu fir? Shah Rukh: Gaadi cigarette pee rahi hai. (A fully damaged car starts emitting smoke, and then Deepika stupidly asks Shah Rukh, is something wrong with this car? Shah Rukh replies, No. Deepika enquires why the smoke then? Shah Rukh retorts, the car is smoking a cigarette.)

10. Shah Rukh: Meri dictionary mein impossible ka shabd hi nahi hai. Deepika: Kahan se kharidi itni bokwaas dictionary? (There is no "impossible" word in my dictionary. Deepika retorts, from where did you buy such a useless dictionary?)

11. Don't underestimate the power of a common man. (Shah Rukh repeats this dialogue so often that you will end up hating this sentence.)

12. Doodh ka jala 'Bernol' bhi fuk fuk ke lagata hai. (Spoiling the original proverb Once bitten, twice shy, Shah Rukh speaks, one who is hurt applies the antiseptic cream Burnol even carefully.)

13. Mujpe ek film ban ni chaiye - "Haste Haste Lag Gaye Raste". (Embroiled in an unfortunate situation, Shah Rukh loses his cool and utters that someone should make a film on him titled "Haste Haste Lag Gaye Raste"). Aargh!

14. Deepika: Bina amma appa ke (tumne) 50 saal nikaal diye. Shah Rukh: Pathetic maasi joke; This is a single screen humour. (When Shah Rukh tells Deepika that his mom and dad died when he was 8 years old, Deepika, in order to lighten the shade of the conversation, expresses wonder that how he has been living for 50 years without his parents. Miffed that Deepika found him 50, Shah Rukh replies, it is a joke for the masses; a single screen humour.)

15. Tu Don ki beti nahi Donkey ki beti hai. (You are not the daughter of a don; you are instead a donkey's daughter.)