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Dec 05, 2007 at 09:22pm IST

Chennai firms open doors to differently abled

Chennai: Twenty-year-old Praveen smiles contently. This differently abled youth has found a job at the Radisson GRT hotel in Chennai. His job of straightening napkins gets him a salary of Rs 3,000.

His working hours are like any other employee at the hotel. And what more, on his first day at work, Praveen had a great time.

“I am very happy to work here,” says a jubilant Praveen.

This has all been made possible because corporates here are opening up to the concept of giving people like Praveen a chance.

“Bascially saying that they want to give an opportunity to these people and that they have also got the support from all the employees of their company,” says Vice President, Radisson Hotel, Vikram Cotah.

Pathway, an NGO in Chennai took the initiative. They now plan to use a data bank of differently abled people to help them find employment at corporates across the country.

Prospective candidates will also be given training by the group in designing jewellery, making cards and other such vocations.

“Mentally retarded people are shunned and are not given any opportunities that is why we hope to reach out to more corporates and give them the chance to prove themselves,” says Founder/Director, Pathway, A D S N Prasad.

The NGO claims that they have got around 25 job offers and about 100 CV's from candidates.

So a lot of effort and training has gone into hopefully bringing the children greater opportunities and brand new openings.

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