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Dec 28, 2006 at 11:28am IST

Chennai most unfit city in India: Study

New Delhi: Chennai is found to be India’s most unfit metro, while Delhi is ruled the fittest one. Mumbai comes second in the unfit category.

These are the findings of the third National Family Health Survey. According to the survey, 4 out of every 10 people in India are unfit.

As far as the metro cities go, every second person is diagnosed to be unfit. The survey also found obesity to be the biggest health concern among Indians just like their Western counterparts.

OBESITY WORRY: The national health survey found obesity to be the biggest health concern among Indians.

In the study of metro cities, 55.5 per cent of Chennai’s women and 43.8 per cent of its men fell short of a national ‘fitness index’. In Mumbai, 50 per cent women and 40.5 per cent men were found to be 'unfit'. The ‘fitness index’ generally took into account the height-weight index and both overweight and underweight people are ruled 'unfit' in the survey.

As far as Delhi's fitness figures go, only 43.5 per cent of Delhi's women and 34.4 per cent of its men fall in the ‘unfit’ category.

The survey attributed the fitness problems to faster lifestyles and imbalanced diets induced by a rapid economic growth. In the national level, tiny northeastern state of Meghalaya was found to be the fittest state in India with only 20.8 per cent of women and 16.2 per cent of men failing 'fitness test'.

The National Family Health Survey is being held in India ever since 1992-93 in order to maintain surveillance on traditional concerns like maternal and child health. This year, it was expanded to focus on new parameters like obesity, male malnutrition and anaemia.