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Jan 23, 2009 at 11:58am IST

Chesezu village, Netaji's camp on Indian soi

Chesezu (Nagaland) It’s a state plagued by a violent separatist movement. But in the corner of Nagaland, a little village called Chesezu, is guarding a key annal of Indian history where the Indian National Army set up their last camp in 1944.

This is the last point where Netaji Subash Chandra Bose was seen on Indian soil.

“We want to surprise the country from a remote corner. A backward village that is still remembering Netaji. We are doing our own part in a small way to give him a little respect," says Zaceto Nyekha from Netaji Society, Nagaland.

"If this last camp is developed and kept as national heritage camp, through this also many people can move forward, closeness will build up here," says Author, Delhi Chalo: The Last camp in Nagaland, Vitoho.

Netaji had setup camp in Cheesezu to monitor the Battle of Kohima, in which the INA lost thousands of soldiers. 105 year old Puracha Resu recalls the day when Netaji first arrived in the village.

“I met him and shook hands with him. We also had a meal together," says Puracha Resu.

Netaji left the house where he stayed only after the Royal Airforce bombed the camp. The nearby peak has now been renamed after him.

People still recollect the point where Netaji would address the villagers during his stay at Chesezu village. A village that not only traces the missing link of his final days on Indian soil, but probably also gets Nagaland and India closer to each other.

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