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Sep 19, 2011 at 06:27pm IST

Chetan Bhagat's 'pre-Revolution 2020' letter to fans

New Delhi: Chetan Bhagat wrote a letter to his fans as his latest book 'Revolution 2020' is all set to release this October. With less than twenty days left for the release Bhagat reaches out to his fans saying he is vulnerable emotionally, and writing and expressing to his fans himself will help him.

Bhagat says, "'Revolution 2020', something I have lived with for the last two years, is finally going to be out there in the world on October 8th 2011. Countless opinions shall follow, and the book will finally find its place in the world. I remember how nervous I had felt right before the release of '2 States', my last book in October 2009. I had gone to ISKCON temple in Mumbai the night before and blogged about it later. I do not feel as much nervousness, at least as yet. Maybe I have matured, maybe I am confident about 'Revolution 2020', and maybe I am just numb. I need to get away for a while, and will share more about that in a moment."

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He adds that his readership is now much wider and broader compared to what it was earlier. As his last book '2 States' was a hit amongst housewives and senior citizens perhaps because they could relate to the universal theme of marriage and parental approval.

Bhagat's 'pre-Revolution 2020' letter to fans

With less than twenty days left for the release Chetan Bhagat reaches out to his fans through his blog.

He also gave the movie adaptation 'Three Idiots' of his book 'Five Point Someone' credit for boosting his popularity as the movie reached places where none of his books had reached.

Bhagat also attributed the social media for the very important role that it has played in his growing popularity. In his words, "Twitter and Facebook exploded as well" as he is now connected to millions of readers with the help of these two platforms.

Bhagat expressed his apprehension about people's response to 'Revolution 2020'. He says, "I try to not think about the magnitude of expectations, and for that reason I think it would be a good idea to get away for a while. Hence, even though the book launch is right around the corner."

He wrapped up saying, "This time the title of the book doesn’t reveal so much about the story, but I think that will add to the fun of reading it. I can’t wait for your feedback."

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