Dec 10, 2007 at 09:27pm IST

Chettinad authentic cuisine slowly changing

Karaikudi: You may have a thing for Chettinad food, but the cuisine is slowly changing.

A traditional Chettinad lunch has ingredients such as oil, urad, dal, chillies, onions, tomatoes, saunf, curry leaves and chicken masala, which add flavour to the tasty Chettinad Chicken curry where each morsel has a special aroma.

“Making food completely at home has two advantages. Firstly, it is much more tastier, and secondly, because of the hand movement we get to exercise,” says Alamelu, resident of Karaikudi.

The Chettinad food is delicious and its special flavour comes from the hand ground spices, which make it spicy and appetizing. However, times are changing and so are the methods of making traditional Chettinad food.

Retail shops like this Jainsons and company have cropped up throughout the town and the latest mixies and grinders are proving to be a big attraction for Karaikudi's cooks.

“Many people come and buy mixies because people don’t have the time to hand grind at home. It makes cooking faster and easier,” says J Moorthy, Manager, Jainsons.

Chettinad cuisine is famous across the country. However, the special taste of the homemade Karaikudi food may soon become a rarity in India.

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