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Jul 29, 2008 at 03:38pm IST

China makes uniforms for US Olympics team

Dalian,China: The US Olympic team and President George Bush will wear outfits and suits made in China. Chinese tailors are running their own race for the Olympics to have the clothes ready in time.

The team's uniform will be made at the huaxing garment factory in Dalian. The workers at the factory are racing against time to make over 1800 uniforms for the US Olympic team.

"I feel very honoured and I'm very happy to be able to make clothes for the American team, so I'm working on it with my whole heart," says huaxing factory worker Zhang Yahui.

While the contract for the Ralph Lauren designed outfits has brought honour, it has also brought it's own set of challenges.

"The challenge of the US contract lies in their sizes and standards. Each athlete from each different sport has a different size, so we have to make 1,800 different outfits," says hauxing factory's craft director, Tang Zifeng.

"We have to take special measurements for every single one of them to make sure the garments fit well. Some athletes have tried on the models and they fit perfectly," he adds.

These tailors are also busy cutting some presidential clothes as well, as both US President George Bush and Chinese premiere Hu Jintao's suits are being tailored at the hauxing factory.