Sep 28, 2008 at 12:57am IST

Chivas Fashion Tour kicks off in grand style

Mumbai: Weeks after the Mumbai Couture Week wrapped up, Chivas Fashion Tour hit Mumbai. The annual fashion tour kicked of in a grand style with designer Rohit Bal taking the lead.

Bal opened this year's Chivas Fashion Tour with eclectic ensembles and a vibrant metallic colour pallet. His Indian Ashtadhatu inspired collection, though mostly a repeat of what he showed at the recently concluded couture week, tried to experiment with layering.

"Its called Ashtadhatu, it's basically an art form invented in India," explained the designer.

But the interesting bit about this fashion tour is it's brand ambassador, director Karan Johar.

The designer also spoke about what he felt about Karan's appointment.

"He is a great iconic figure for me of fashion in this country and in Bollywood. Karan Johar is the epitome of style and its not only him, its also his films," said Bal.

Well Karan's surely getting a lot of society spotlight. But we would really want him to be more in news for what he does best and that's directing films.