Nov 06, 2007 at 03:06pm IST

7 top designers showcase fall winter designs

New Delhi: Delhi's fashion fraternity was in full glory this weekend as they showcased their best designs for fall winter at the just concluded Chivas Fashion Tour.

Delhi's fash frat had its hands full with The Chivas Fashion Tour that concluded this Sunday with 7 top notch designers showcasing their fall winter and festive line on the second day.

So while Shantanu and Nikhil threw in a pleasant surprise with cowls, quilted look and some interesting substitute for the festive saris, Rohit and Rahul Khanna brought back the 60's with tights, metallic surfaces and short dresses and Narendra Kumar brought out his red carpet glamour while Raghuvendra Rathore redefined chic with his black n white line.

Also raking in the rave reviews was Ashish Soni's New York Fashion Week collection which is quite a sporty line. Audience was also pleased to see the bandi inspired jerseys and yoga prints.

As for Neeta Lulla's outdated lace and Vikram Phadnis' overdose of bling, the less we say, the better it is. But thank god for the very stunning Dream Girl Hema Malini who saved Neeta's show.

Here’s what the dream girl had to say, “Sari is one apparel which is ever beautiful and ever sexy I would say. You know every thing is covered and at the same time it has its own beauty.”

While saris might be a statement for some, the others forecast different trends this winter.

Rohit says, “Twiggy, 60's look, short hair, tights, black lacquer boots, etcetera.”

While Raghuvendra says, “Black n white…,” Shantanu and Nikhil recommend, “Feminine cowls n quilting.”

With no buyers in the front row exactly how is this fashion tour going to help our designers.

Rahul says, “Honey there are more buyers here than any other fashion week because the reason is that these are the real people who actually buy our clothes. Besides it helps to experiment because there's no pressure.”

Designer Ashish Soni says, “B-grade metros are waking up to serious money and these events help us taking it to them.”

Buyer or consumer, it's all about whatever it takes to make fashion accessible to all.

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