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Clijsters to quit tennis for family

Associated Press
Nov 15, 2006 at 12:33pm IST

Brussels: Kim Clijsters declined an offer from the Belgian Olympic Committee on Tuesday to compete at the 2008 Beijing Games, insisting instead that she will retire from tennis next year.

"It is a superfluous question," she said on her Web site. "When I take a decision, I stick to it."

Clijsters has long said 2007 will be her final year on the WTA Tour as she is eager to start a family.

HANGING HER RACQUET?: Clijsters has long said 2007 will be her final year on the WTA Tour.

The 23-year-old Belgian, who has battled several injuries in the past few years, returned from a wrist complaint to win the Gaz de France Stars two weeks ago.

The 2005 US Open champion also reached the semi-finals of the WTA Championship in Madrid last weekend to finish the year ranked fifth.

"To get into the semi-finals after a layoff of more than two months is not that easy," Clijsters said.

Clijsters said that she will play in "fun tournaments to be able to say goodbye to the many people I met over the years" in 2007 without naming any specific events.


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