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Jun 21, 2013 at 02:33pm IST

CNN-IBN reaches Kedarnath, witnesses massive destruction

Kedarnath: CNN-IBN's Anubha Bhonsle is the first TV journalist who has managed to reach Kedarnath and see the extent of devastation. The Kedar Valley has been split into two and evacuations are at their last leg.

Flying above the temple town of Kedarnath, one could see the entire mountain ranges in a sense being cut across. The temple structure stands tall but all around, it is a picture of complete devastation. The only points that are now visible from a height are really the rooftops. It is just the rooftops of any infrastructure hotels, houses that perhaps are visible all around it.

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The river seems to have cut its way through. There are debris all around, the mountain range has cut its way through and boulder stones have already piled all around the temple complex.

Close to 350 tourists are still awaiting evacuation in Kedarnath while there are 500 locals as well. Anubha Bhonsle spoke to some of them as they expressed helplessness and anger on not being rescued.

Anubha also took a look into an IAF chopper being used for rescue operations. The chopper carries extremely crucial fuel supplies. On its return journey, it will bring back many stranded pilgrims. These sorties are lifeline for many people who are stranded there.