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Mar 20, 2009 at 12:22am IST

Commonwealth Games CEO says no presumptions

New Delhi: Reports say that the Delhi government is keen to host at least a couple of IPL matches after the elections are over.

That could upset the organisers of the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

"The IPL should be postponed till after the elections are over," the Indian Olympic Organisation boss, Suresh Kalmadi had told CNN-IBN.

OTHER WORRIES: The Commonwealth Games have to gear up fo the event by picking up speed in infrastructure projects.

“If there is a single incident in the IPL during the matches, I think that will have repercussions on the Commonwealth Games itself,” he had added.

Experts worry that the infrastructure arrangements for the 2010 Commonwealth Games may be way behind schedule.

The stadiums are not yet ready, the hotel infrastructure seems to be inadequate, but the organizers of the biggest extravaganza on the sub-continent in less than two years have apprehensions of another kind.

They have found a link between the Games and a cricket league.

Thankfully, the authorities overseeing India’s march to the Games are more confident.

“It is totally inappropriate to make any assumptions 20 months out from an event, to say that what applies today will still be applicable in 20 months' time. It will be bad security planning to say, it is cast in concrete and this is it,” said CEO, Commonwealth Games Federation, Mike Hooper. The Commonwealth Games authorities clearly want to make no hasty decisions.

The men in charge of security during the event too seem upbeat.

Delhi Police Commissioner Y S Dhadwal, said, “There will be no action coinciding with the Games, Also, by that time we will be raising about 10, 000 more people to handle the show. We will be making comprehensive arrangements, let there be no doubts about it.”

Interestingly, the third season of the IPL will also be played before the Commonwealth Games, next year.