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Jan 13, 2014 at 04:01pm IST

Congress hits back at Modi for accusing Jayanthi Natarajan of taking 'tax' to clear files

New Delhi: Congress leaders have taken a strong stand on BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's statement on Jayanthi Natarajan that under her the Environment Ministry used to charge a "tax" to clear files. Congress General Secretary Digvijaya Singh, Ambika Soni and Natarajan herself hit out at Modi saying he only knows to abuse.

Digvijaya tweeted, "Modi's comment on Jayanthi Natarajan is in a very bad taste. Should be condemned. He only knows to abuse but doesn't give his Vision."

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Digvijaya added, "Modi always keeps misquoting things and lying. He should either prove his allegations against Jayanthi Natarajan or he should apologise."

The remarks came in the backdrop of Modi criticising Jayanthi alleging that the files didn't move in her office unless a 'Jayanthi tax' was paid. He had said, "Environment Ministry is responsible for halting a lot of development. All files are in limbo. Then I heard that there is a Jayanthi tax levied in the ministry. Till that tax is not filled, a file in the ministry cannot be cleared."

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Congress leader Ambika Soni said, "How can anyone insult a minister who has done such good work? This shows how much Narendra Modi respects women."

Jayanthi hit back at Modi saying that the BJP leader was targeting her as she has been at the forefront against his "divisive and destructive politics". "It's an utterly despicable attack on me since I have been publicly speaking about his divisive and destructive politics," she said.

She termed Modi's speech an intimidation tactic and said that Modi has not highlighted even a single case of corruption against her party. "He is saying this in a public rally without stating facts and I will not be intimidated by what he has to say," she said.

She said that people will not vote out the Congress government as there are aware of Modi's communal intent. "He can try but it was the Congress culture that made India and Modi will not become the PM of India and cannot destroy the social fabric of this country," she added.