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Mar 06, 2008 at 09:17pm IST

Controversies kept us motivated: Rohit Sharma

New Delhi: Rohit Sharma was one of the young players who made an impact in the CB series. The youngster spoke to CNN-IBN after returning to India and is now hoping to break into India's test team as well.

CNN-IBN: Rohit, a very warm welcome back home!

Rohit Sharma: It is a great feeling to be back in India, especially after winning the tournament.

CNN-IBN: Has it really sunk in - the way the Indian team has performed, the way you have performed against Australia - the world champions?

Rohit Sharma: Definitely, the credit goes to all the players. We all did really well, especially all the youngsters in the team did really well.

CNN-IBN: What used to be the buzz word during the team hurdle?

Rohit Sharma: Nothing much. There was nothing as such. We just kept it simple. We were just trying to enjoy and that is what really paid off.

CNN-IBN: How aggressive were the Australians on the field when you were batting? Was it easy to concentrate or perhaps, do you think all the controversies which happened off the field, made your job easier?

Rohit Sharma: Yes definitely. I would like to say that all the controversies actually kept motivating us. We just kept aside all the controversies and we were just concentrating on our game.

CNN-IBN: Sachin Tendulkar has now got a number of nicknames but right now when we saw that special moment - Sachin and Rohit Sharma batting together, there was not one but too Mumbaikars - what was so special about that partnership?

Rohit Sharma: It is great feeling to bat with him. I enjoyed each and every moment in the middle and I was happy and proud to do well against the Aussies, especially in front of him. When I came to bat, he just told me to keep it simple and play my natural game.

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