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Jan 20, 2010 at 11:58am IST

Another Indian taxi driver assaulted in Oz

Melbourne: A 25-year-old Indian taxi driver was assaulted in Melbourne in Australia and the police on Wednesday released images of a couple suspected in the attack.

Police released images of the couple who allegedly attacked the taxi driver in the city's northern parts on Saturday, hoping people can help identify the suspects from footage taken during the taxi ride.

There was no evidence the attack was racially motivated, police maintained.

CURBING CRIME: The attack came a day after a man was sentenced for assaulting a cabbie in Melbourne.

The Indian driver told the police that he called an ambulance and was treated for facial injuries at the Northern Hospital.

Giving the sequence of events, the victim said that he stopped at the Summerhill Hotel in Reservoir Saturday around 1.25 a.m. where five people were asking for a ride, AAP news agency reported.

He refused to carry them all, because of the car's legal capacity. He only picked up a man and a woman from the group.

Police stated the woman became angry at the driver for refusing to take her friends with them. The man then punched the driver as he pulled over on Plenty Road and continued to assault him as the couple climbed out of the cab.

The couple then took a tram.

There has been a string of attacks on Indians in Australia and in some of the recent incidents, Indian taxi drivers were targeted.

Two Indian taxi drivers, one of whom was a student, were attacked January 16 in Australia's Ballarat city.

The attack came a day after a man was sentenced to three months in jail for assaulting and threatening to kill an Indian taxi driver.

The spate of attacks on Indians in Australia has caused an outcry in India. Two of the vicious attacks proved fatal.

While Ranjodh Singh's body was found on December 29, another Indian, Nitin Garg, was fatally stabbed in Melbourne on January 2. An Indian was set on fire in Melbourne on Jan 9 while another Indian was assaulted at Coogee beach in Sydney on January 11.