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Mar 06, 2013 at 08:04pm IST

Court of inquiry ordered into call made to NSG officer from Pakistan post Hyd blast

New Delhi: The National Security Guard (NSG) DG has ordered a court of inquiry into unauthorised call made to the NSG office, seeking details of the Hyderabad twin blasts. The DG, Arvind Ranjan, order the inquiry after it was revealed that a senior NSG officer received a call from Pakistan.

The call was made to NSG's office at Palam on February 21. The blasts had occurred on the same day.

The Officer, who is now facing the probe, is a Major rank Armyman. NSG teams were sent to Hyderabad for post-blast site and explosives analysis.

Court of inquiry ordered into Pak call to NSG officer

NSG teams were sent to Hyderabad for post-blast site and explosives analysis.

The NSG issued a statement saying the inquiry will ascertain the sequence that led to the reception and subsequent transfer of the communication line to its officer based in Hyderabad. The 'black cat' commandos force said that preliminary probe concluded that no vital information was shared with the spy.

"A Court of Inquiry has been ordered by Director General of NSG to go in to the details about the circumstances under which the calls were connected to the officers of the Regional Hub, Hyderabad and the information passed to the unauthorised person," a statement from the ational Security Guard (NSG) headquarters here said.

The NSG said the unauthorised person claimed to be calling from the Military Intelligence (MI). "It has come to the notice of the NSG that an unauthorised person, claiming to be Major Ajay Sharma from MI-3, tried to contact the NSG Palam exchange on February 21, 2013. The call was further redirected to Regional Hub of NSG at Hyderabad."

"During the course of the conversation, the officer who was on duty, has given some details about the deployment of the NSG team from Regional Hub Hyderabad at the blast site at Hyderabad on February 21," the NSG statement said. "Preliminary probe has revealed that no details about the blast or the post blast investigation has been given to the caller," it added.

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